HARDBODY ENERGY, Community Strong!


It's Not A Flavor... It's A Lifestyle!

About Hardbody Energy

What you need to know.

Hardbody Energy is a company that is based out of Las Vegas, NV, established in 2018.

The goal is to manufacture healthy products. 


Our company structure is comprised of variety of strong women.


We are the very few energy beverage company that are run by women for the different communities.


As women we are innate nurturers. So, it’s inherent that we care about what we add to our products and provide to our consumers.


Our products are only made with the highest quality ingredients that will supply the stamina that the every person needs to thrive and be the best they can be. 

Additionally, we plan on creating various platforms to support and empower people by giving them the right tools to succeed in their goals.


Our not for profit programs and donations is geared to support community organizations globally through the means of education and endorsements.


Hardbody energy, community strong!

How It All Started...

Founder and CEO, Alysia Kaempf has been in the health industry for over a decade.


It was at age 14 that she had her first membership to Bailey’s Total Fitness that spurred her passion for fitness and health.


Even at an early age she developed consistency, discipline, dedication and drive.


With these foundation and years of training, she learned how to completely transform and sculpt her own body to the highest level of fitness.


She in turn has helped many women and men alike in reaching their own physical goals.


At age 21, she developed a recipe of high protein based and tasty baked goods called Leash Cakes, which sold locally through out Massachusetts.


As accomplished body builder she finished 1st place in the WFF World Championships in Huntington Beach, California.


Recently she’s landed a position as a brand ambassador and face to a lingerie and swimsuit line Beauty n The Box.


Her talents in health has catapulted her career in designing and creating her very own athletic clothing line under the label HardBody Barbie.


An MIT graduate with a degree in business, her love for wellness continued her curiosity into researching herbal medicine and its natural benefits to the human body.


This triggered her desire to develop an energy drink that promotes healthy advantages, HBE Energy

Our Mission

The Mission of the company is to be a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of healthy nutritious beverages globally.


Satisfying consumers needs while at the same time enhancing the individual and social wellbeing.


Additionally, we want to create and sustain mutually
beneficial relationship between our partners, employees, distributors, suppliers, customers, shareowners and the community in which the company operates.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision for the company is to expand into a wellness supplement company with an array of different products that can benefit people’s health and wellbeing.


Products such as reverse osmosis alkaline water, nootropic cognitive support supplements, supplements for gut health, superfoods that support all your internal organs and many more products to maximize health.

Our Values

Overall, our company can be characterized as a quality manufacturer.


We not only care about our products but also our community. This is the basis of our company.


With this core structure, we plan to donate a percentage of proceeds to not for profit organizations that support various communities.

To be a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of healthy nutritious beverages globally.

Our Strength

Ceo and Founder Alysia Kaempf’s passion in jump starting this company is the forefront of our strength.


Her passion, consistency, discipline, dedication and drive are the many core factors that makes our organization well built.


It is also her compassion and her need to give back to the community that makes our company unique.

Our other strengths comes alongside with the people that work in our company. They know the industry, our products and have the same values instilled in the framework of our company structure.


Bottomline, we care about what we put out there and who we provide them to.

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